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Ball marks on the green is a common problem. Despite that most golfers have a divot tool somewhere, the problem with unrepaired ball marks still persists.
Our studies show common causes. Forgotten the divot tool, it’s in my bag, didn’t see the mark, don’t want to do the job..
The GREEN-GO method will make it easier!


GREEN-GO is the pitch mark repair tool that you mount on your putter grip.
The GREEN-GO method is a new method for repairing pitch marks, where the mark has not broken up completely.
It’s always with you on the green, it’s easy to use and you quickly and easily fix both your and others’ pitch marks.
It fits all putter grips and is easy to install. It only takes a minute.

Repair methods


1. Screw your plug on the putter.

2. Attach the bottom plate with the included screw.

3. Put the lid on and the marker. Finished!


Attach the plug tight, so that it won’t move. Then the tool will be steady to work with.
It shall be tightly installed to the grip.


Aim the tool arms so that they are in line with your putter head.
It will make it easier to aim when you make the repairs.


The lid protects the tool and has a secure fit even if you have your putter in the bag.

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– It was easy to mount and it was easy to learn the technology. I made more marks than before and it was practical with the ball marker on top.

Jonas Sjöqvist-Grandt

– Easy to remove and put on the lid. Good, simple methodology. It was always with me when I needed it and it’s not in the way when putting.

Lars-Åke Skareteg

– I think it was very convenient. I thought it would be in the during the play, but it was not at all.

Sammy El Masry

– Very easy to fix most pitch marks. But the really big marks are difficult to fix. I use different tools for different types of mark. This one made the job really easy. Good idea I think!

Gert Kron


Quote from greenkeepers and lane staff:

– Very good that all players can have a divot tool up on the green all the time.
– The arms are in a good size, so it does not hurt the roots.
– Very good that the players don’t need to bend. Then more marks should be made – it is necessary!
– This should be included in the annual fee so that everyone gets one.


Is it suitable to repair all pitch marks? 2018-01-04T22:34:06+00:00
– Green-Go is best for repairing pitch marks, where the mark has not broken up completely.
– Larger marks, that look like a crater, or a skid mark, is best repaired with the USGA method or a tee if you know how to do it.
 – With a little practice, you can manage to fix most marks so that you help the green to maintain good condition and counteract the long-term damage.
– Green-Go is a contribution to the movement of the golfer’s gentleman code of conduct.
You are your own judge and you take care of the course as if it was your own. Good luck with your game!
How is it to install? 2018-01-04T06:21:05+00:00

– Installation is easy and everyone can do it. It takes a minute and all you need is a PZ2 screwdriver. 

Is the method approved? 2018-01-04T06:19:51+00:00

– Yes. The method is new but, of course, it has been tested by greenkeepers and course staff, with good results!
Even if the method is intended for those marks that have not broken up completely, there are still many marks that can be fixed with this method. 

Does it fit all the putter grips? 2018-01-04T06:16:48+00:00

– Yes, all grips have a hole on top.
If the grip is too soft/unstable at the top, solve it with a drop of super glue.

Does it affect my play? 2018-01-04T06:28:53+00:00

– The users say it’s not affecting your game, even if some of them feared it before.

Here are some of their experiences:
“- It’s so small that it does not bother at all.”
“Just good that it’s with me up on the green.”

Can I get the ball marker with my own logo? 2018-01-04T06:10:19+00:00

– Yes. The product is an excellent giveaway item. To those who love golf and want to keep the courses in good shape.

I need a new ball marker, I’ve lost mine 2018-01-04T06:09:00+00:00
– You can buy a new one in our webshop.